7 Days Umbwe Route

7 Days Umbwe Route

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About Umbwe Route

The Umbwe route is a short, steep and direct route. It is considered to be very difficult and is the most challenging way up Mount Kilimanjaro.

Due to the quick ascent, Umbwe does not provide the necessary stages for altitude acclimatization. Although the traffic on this route is very low, the chances of success are also low. The route is offered at a minimum of six days, though seven days is recommended when attempting this route. The Umbwe route should only be attempted by those who are very strong hikers and are confident in their ability to acclimatize. However, overall, the Umbwe route is not recommended and we discourage its usage for our clients. The Umbwe route has a reputation for being the most challenging route on Kilimanjaro. And rightly so. It’s the shortest and steepest of the Kilimanjaro routes, and accordingly has a poor acclimatisation profile. For this reason its summit success rate is low and its one of the least used trails on the mountain.


Height Height : 5,895 metre

Distance Distance : 53Km

Per Year Trekking Per Year Trekking : 743

Timing Timing : 5-7 days

Success Rate Success Rate : 70%

Highlights Highlights : Alpine Desert

Uniqueness :

  • This Umbwe is the most spectacular and direct way to reach Uhuru Peak.

  • Umbwe is considered to be difficult, taxing route - one that should only be attempted by strong hikers and experienced adventurers who are confident in their ability to acclimatize quickly to altitude.

  • The rewards this route offers is not only the physical challenge but you also get the luxury of trekking in privacy at slightest till you meet up with the other explorers at Barranco Camp.

Weather & Climate :

Because Mount Kilimanjaro is such a large geographic structure it essentially creates its own weather. In this article we have provided an overview on the types of weather you can expect on Kilimanjaro, as well outlined historical weather patterns for each of Kilimanjaro’s climatic zones.

Success Rate :

The Umbwe route is one of the shortest, most direct Kilimanjaro routes, which lowers the quality of its acclimatisation profile. Summit success is low. Whilst there are no official statistics, the average success rate across all Kilimanjaro operators for the five-day Umbwe route is just 50%.

Direct arrival at a lodge in Moshi at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. This evening you will have a pre-climb briefing with your guide and a consultant.

Depart Moshi to Umbwe gate, upon arrival complete your registration. During the steep trek today you will encounter rain and will animals before winding up your day at the camp.

Start your ascent to heather and moorland where you will encounter different plant species with spectacular view of Kibo peak. This trail leads to Barranco valley and later to Barranco Camp with the spectacular view of Great Barranco Wall in the East.

Today your trek involves a steep climb up the eastern wall where you may have a spectacular view of Kilimanjaro. You then proceed with a steep exit to Barranco wall. This trail continues down to Karanga Valley. You will then proceed with your trek on empty and dry landscape to Barafu Camp.

Around mid-night begins a steep climb over loose volcanic scree. Slow and steady pace will take you towards Stella point. Take a short rest at Stella point (5685m), proceed with your ascent to Uhuru peak (5895m). You will normally encounter snow on your way to the peak. Spend few minutes on the top of the mountain and then descend back to Barafu camp for a short rest before you proceed to Mweka Camp to wind up your day.

Today is the final day on the mountain; enjoy your breakfast before descending to Mweka gate passing through forest zone. Upon arrival at the gate complete park formalities and tipping ceremony with your support team. Our driver will then transfer you to Moshi.

After your trekking end or you can transfer to the airport to back home.


  • Transport fees

  • Hotel After & before trekking

  • Gate Fees

  • Guides Fees

  • Professional Guides

  • Hot meals & Water served three times per day

  • Government taxes

  • Portable oxygen tanks & ox meter

  • Emergency first-aid kit


  • International Flights

  • Visa Fees

  • Vaccination

  • Laundry

  • Gear for your climb

  • A portable flush toilet with a toilet tent. It can be rented at $70 for the entire trek

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