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African Destinations

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Africa, There's nowhere like it on the planet for wildlife, wild lands and rich traditions that endure. Prepare to fall in love.

Whether you're a wide-eyed first-timer or a frequent visitor, Africa cannot fail to get under your skin. The canvas upon which the continent's epic story is written is itself astonishing, and reason enough to visit. From the tropical rainforests and glorious tropical coastline of Central Africa to the rippling dunes of the Kenya, from the signature savannah of the Serengeti to jagged mountains, that mark the – wherever you find yourself on this big, beautiful continent, Africa has few peers when it comes to natural beauty.

Going on safari may be something of a travel cliché, but we're yet to find a traveller who has watched the wildlife world in motion in the Masai Mara, watched the epic battles between predator and prey in the Masai Mara game reserve, or communed with gorillas. In many rural areas it can feel as though the modern world might never have happened, and they are all the better for it, and old ways of doing things – with a certain grace and civility, hospitality and a community spirit – survive. Sometimes this New Africa is expressed in a creative-conservation search for solutions to the continent's environmental problems, or in an eagerness to break free of the restrictive chains of the past and transform the traveller experience. But just as often, modern Africans are taking all that is new and fusing it onto the best of the old. To make it easier for you to plan a trip, I’ve highlighted some of the most popular countries and best places to go in Africa, as well as what to see and do there, when to go, and where to stay.

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African Safari Faq's

Wildlife safety while on safari – Aren’t wild animals dangerous?

We only recommend good lodges and qualified guides to accompany you on your safari. You may come across a variety of wild animals, as most camps are within the natural habitat of the free roaming wildlife. The highly trained guides are armed with an amazing understanding of the wildlife.

Is there electricity in the camps? Is communication with the "outside world" possible while on an African safari?

Most camps and lodges are situated in remote wildlife locations and are not connected to a mains electricity supply. Solar panels are common or camps make use of generators, which run while guests are partaking in their activities. Lanterns usually provide light at night.

Is it safe to travel to Africa?

The short answer is ‘yes’. Africa derives a significant portion of its foreign income by the spending that international visitors contribute to a country. It is in both the private companies and government's interests to keep the visitor safe in their visiting country.

What are the medical health precautions and issues?

The most serious health consideration in Africa is malaria and we recommend a course of anti-malaria tablets as a preventative precaution. The less common insect-borne diseases that you may encounter are sleeping sickness, tick bite fever and dengue.

Are children allowed on African safaris?

Africa is a great destination for children; however the majority of safari lodges and camps have a minimum age limit of 6 (some of them 12 years of age). Due to the active nature of African safaris, most camps and lodges require that children need to be 6 years in order to participate in game activities. This will always be at the rangers discretion.

How much luggage can I take on safari?

Luggage restrictions vary between 12 – 20kg per person depending on the type and the size of aircraft used, and also the safari destination you are visiting. On charter flights, no hard suitcases are allowed as they physically cannot fit into the aircraft, therefore only soft bags will be accepted.

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