Kenya Food

Kenya Food

Kenya Food
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Kenya Food

Kenya is always known for its wildlife safaris and mind-blowing landscapes. However, the Kenya Food is also the delicious and unique one in Africa. Their dishes are available in a traditional way and always filled with ethnicity. You will need to taste the food and some of the main dishes while in Kenya Safari Tours.

Here is the list of Kenya Food facts which you should try when you are in the country:

Drinks and Snacks:

Tea and coffee are the 2 flavored beverages which is available abundantly in Kenya as they grow both the plantations. You will find the maziwalala which is fermented milk in rural area. Sodas are also popular all over Kenya.

Street snacks are Popular Food InKenya. You will find a variety of street foods who tastes delicious. Some of them are;

  • Mishkaki (small skewered meat pieces BBQ’d on an open fire).
  • Corn on the cob charred on the open fire still in their husks.
  • Samosas; small triangular deep fried parcels with spicy meat or vegetables inside.
  • Hot chips, usually covered in glowing chili and tomato sauce.
  • Plantain crisps, made from the plantain banana, are sold all over Kenya.

Lunch and Dinner:

The main Traditional Kenyan Food is Ugali made of Maize meal and rice. Ugali is mainly served with white stiff porridge, which is good for dipping in stews. In occasions the rice is transformed into a wonderful fragrant mound of colorful hues infused by the spices added like saffron, turmeric, and cayenne with dried fruits and nuts.

The main dish served for lunch and dinner is stews. They can be vegetarian like Maharagwe which is made of tasty bean with onions, spices and tomatoes boiled together making a thick bean sauce. It can also be a meat stew, which can be made of goat.

The stews are sometimes served with chapattis, which is an Indian flatbread, the dough is freshly prepared and then rolled very flat before being shallow fried in plenty of oil, served warm, they are soft and pliable but have a lovely crisp edge, they are great for mopping up the juices of the stew.

Kenyan cuisine - Why Kenyan Food Recipesare so famous?

Kenyan food is so famous because of the traditional way of cooking recipes. Here is the list of Kenyan food to taste while on Kenya Safari Tours:


It is the Kenyan staple made of maize flour, millet or sorghum flour. It is a food with good source of iron. It can be eaten with beet stew and beans stew.

Sukuma Wiki:

It is made of collard greens; it is a dish of more added flavors.It is called as week pusher in Swahili as it is a more affordable meal.


It is a roasted meat and one of the most loved dishes of Kenya. It is usually served with kachumbari salad and ugali. You can get it from a street vendor to enjoy the traditional taste according to Kenya Safari Facts.


It is a sausage made of fresh blood and meat with spices, and ingredients like ginger, garlic and red chilies. It is usually eaten as an appetizer and you can enjoy it with beer.


It is the African doughnut, cooked by frying dough in oil. Coconut milk is added to give a unique flavor. The main ingredients are flour, milk, eggs, yeast, and sugar. It taste good with tea.

These are the main Kenyan Food which you will need to taste as per Kenya Safari Tips. There are a lot of other foods which you will need to taste while you are in Kenya and enjoy the unique traditional way of cooking, especially in the villages cooked by tribes.

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