Kenya Safari Tips

Kenya Safari Tips

Kenya Safari Tips
Experience the beauty of Kenya

Kenya Safari Tips

Kenya has entered the tourism game way lot before any other African countries were into it and Kenya Safari Tips says all about it. Kenya’s experience in travel and tourism made it expertise to attract and welcome the visitors in its own unique way. They are on the top list because of the service they provide with unique itineraries which are proven to be the best.

Kenya’s diverse grasslands, safari tours, game drives, a lot of animal near the shades of acacia trees and water holes. You will find everything in Kenya Safari  Tours.


The common things which you should know about Kenya according to Kenya Safari Guide are;

  • Kenya is located in East Africa
  • It is officially known as Republic of Kenya
  • The Kenya’s main airport is Jomo Kenyatta
  • The capital city of Kenya is Nairobi
  • The official language of Kenya is English and Swahili
  • Kenya has the world’s largest fresh water Lake Victoria
  • The vehicle needs to drive on the left hand side of the road
  • The tallest mountain in the country is Mount Kenya
  • The majority of religion in Kenya is Christianity
  • The UNESCO heritage site in Kenya are Mount Kenya National park and Turkana National Park
  • Kenya is the 49th largest country in the world
  • It shares its land border with 5 neighbouring country which are; Somalia, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda.
  • Kenya has the Big5: Rhino, leopard, lions, cape buffalo, and elephants.
  • The biggest industries are Tourism and coffee.
  • The currency of Kenya is Kenyan Shilling
  • Kenya produce most of the electricity from hydroelectricity
  • Tsavo is the largest National Park in Kenya
  • NyamaChoma is the most popular dish in Kenya

You can visit Kenya year around as it has the moderate climate with diverse attractions towards the wilderness and nature. If you are planning a trip to Kenyathen the Best Time For Safari In Kenya would be during the dry season which is from March to June and from December to January. The travel to Kenya during the summer time would be good to visit the coast and local villages.


The Kenya Food is delicious and also available in a very traditional way to taste. Tea and coffee are the 2 flavored beverages which is available abundantly in Kenya as they grow both the plantations. You will find the maziwalala which is fermented milk in rural area. Sodas are also popular all over Kenya. The main traditional Kenya foodis Ugali made of Maize meal and rice. Ugali is mainly served with white stiff porridge, which is good for dipping in stews.

You can shop around in Kenya to buy Bombolulu in Mombasa works with over 100 craftspeople – many of whom have disabilities. Their gorgeous products include bags, jewellery and wood carvings.

You can buy a kanga – a colourful wraparound with Swahiki sayings printed on them.

You can use them as a towel, sarong, scarf, cover-up – and a lovely, authentic souvenir. Never purchase items made from endangered species – including ivory, coral or turtle shell.

Kenya is a home for 40 ethnic tribes, they also have Arab, and Indian and Pakistani communities migrated here. They are very traditional and semi nomadic.

These are the main Kenya Safari Guide which you can go through while you are in Kenya.

There’s plenty of choice on offer and so much to see and do but don’t forget to also make time to relax on Kenya’s beaches before you leave as well as get the best Kenya Safari Tips too. Let African Outback Safaris Experts help you start planning your Kenya Safari today.

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