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Kenya Visa

Kenya Visa
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Kenya Visa

Kenya Visa policy & regulations are there through which the Kenyan government determines who can enter the country without a visa, as well as the requirements for foreign visitors for whom a Kenyan visa is required to travel to, enter and stay within the country.Visa regulations for Kenya Safari Tours state that foreign citizens can visit the country of Kenya with a visa, depending on the duration and purpose of the planned stay in the country.


Foreign citizens who are not part of the list of visa-exempt countries, and who wish to visit Kenya for tourism, need to obtain a visa in advance to travel to the country. This may be either an electronic travel visa, or a visa through the nearest embassy or consulate.

A Kenyan Tourist Visa online is issued for a single entry and allows a stay of 90 days in the country. As mentioned in the previous section, there are up to 140 countries that can obtain an electronic visa for Kenya through an online application form, which eliminates the need to submit an embassy visa in person.

An approved Kenya tourist eVisa is electronically linked to the applicant’s passport and a PDF copy is also sent to the traveller by email.

All other foreign citizens who are not visa-free for Kenya are required to obtain a visa for tourism purposes from a Kenyan government diplomatic office before departure. It is normally necessary to submit a tourist embassy visa application well in advance of the intended arrival date in Kenya, as in some cases the processing time may take up to several weeks.


Kenya Visa is mandatory for entering the Republic of Kenya. Below are the types of visa that are provided by the Kenyan Embassy.

Single Entry Visa For Kenya

Single Entry Kenya Visa is allowed to travellers who wish to stay in Kenya for a short period. Single Entry Visa can be used only once. Indians who travel to a Kenya for tourism purpose or business purpose or medical purpose. The applicant needs to mention the purpose of his visit. Kenya tourist visa and Kenya work visa are the single-entry visas. The applicant has to specify the purpose whether it for tourism purpose or work purpose.

Multiple Entry Visa For Kenya

Multiple Entry Kenya Visa is for the travellers who need to travel to Kenya regularly. Business people are entitled to Multiple Entry Visa as they require to go across the countries for trading purpose.

Transit Visa For Kenya

Kenya Transit Visa is a temporary visa that is given to traveller when he/she needs to halt at Kenya to reach his/her destination. Transit visa is not granted to the people who wish to stay in Kenya for business, tourism or medical purpose. Transit Visa is a single use visa. Transit Visa is valid for at least three days.

Diplomatic Visa For Kenya

Diplomatic Kenya Visa is granted to diplomats. Diplomats are the foreign citizens who have a diplomatic passport and needs to travel to Kenya to perform his/her official duties. Diplomatic passport holders are the representatives of a particular country.

Service Visa For Kenya

Service Visa For Kenya is the visa for foreign citizens who do not have a diplomatic passport but a service passport. A service passport is for government employees who travel to Kenya for work.


The applicant is eligible only if he/she meets the requirements. The Kenya Visa Requirements are:

  1. The passport must be valid for six months, and it must have one blank page so that the visa can be stamped. The passport must be in good condition.
  2. The applicant has to submit a copy of the confirmation page of the application form with the date and applicant's signature or a print out of Kenyan eVisa.
  3. The applicant must provide two recent passport size photos which should be visible and identical to the photograph that is in the passport.
  4. The applicant has to provide a copy of his flight reservation ticket and hotel reservation ticket.
  5. The applicant must submit his/her recent bank statement.
  6. The applicant must submit the certificate of yellow fever vaccination as Kenya is a country with a risk of yellow fever transmission. It is mandatory for travellers to take the yellow fever vaccination; otherwise, the applicant will not be allowed to enter Kenya.

If you plan to obtain visas on arrival then you’ll need US$50 each in cash for the visa fee. Please make sure you have the exact amount in cash in US dollars with you before you leave home as there is no foreign exchange facility in Immigration and they do not accept credit cards or Travellers Cheques and do not give change. You should be given an immigration form on the plane and it is best to complete this before you land so you can go straight into the queue to purchase your visa. (Copy of the form may be downloaded here). Your passport must have at least 6 months left before expiry date and 2 blank pages left for visas. Children under the age of 16, travelling with an accompanying adult, do NOT require a visa.

Kenya E-Visa

The online E-Visas will normally be issued in less than 3 days but we recommend that Online Applications should be made at least 7 working days prior to travel to give plenty of time for the application process to be completed. Please note that Single Entry Visas are valid only for 90 days after date of issue, so you should not apply until less than 90 days before date of arrival and departure from Kenya. If you are travelling back into Kenya from other East African Countries on the same trip within the 90 day validity then you do not require an additional visa to re-enter and the Single Entry Visa will be accepted.

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It is important to know that now, it is possible to apply for an electronic visa for Kenya Safari. Here, we will show you how to apply online with eVisa and you will find out that the process is really easy and comfortable since you can apply from home! Keep reading to know more about it. We are 24/7 available to provide the details about Kenya Visa. Contact African Outback Safaris today!

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